• Congratulations! You'll LOVE the club :-) I've got 8 girls and a 4 year old granddaughter who really believes her real name is "the little chicken girl"....
  • Hurray welcome to the Baby Chick Club!
  • That is so cool. I'm still in the design stages for the yard and haven't gotten as far as you. Keep us "newbies" up-to-date on your success. We'd definitely like to hear about it.
    • Thanks everybody for the encouragement! I will post coop pictures once we are to that point. I wanted to get the chicks now so they would be acclimated and big enough to be outside in the heat.
  • How awesome - sounds like you are having fun! Can't wait to join too - probably a little way away but I will follow your adventures with interest.
  • Congratulations! I started with an Easter Egger, Rhode Island Red and an Australorpe last September and they started laying last month! I'm so excited you took the plunge - aren't they so cute at that age? ~Liz
    • They are adorable. Right now they are in a good sized cage, until hubby builds their permanent digs, and they run up to the door when they see me, knowing I'll have a treat! They are growing soooo fast!
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