Free Poultry and Dairy classes!

The month is ending and we're offering two final free classes this month. They both run from 7pm to 8:30pm:

Tues, 3/26  From Clucks to Ducks: Learn what it takes to raise common backyard poultry. This is an overview of chickens, ducks and other common poultry.

Wed, 3/27  Do We Dairy?: A look at the benefits and costs of dairy animals.

Both classes both are aimed at helping people who are toying with the idea of raising chickens or other poultry, or people thinking about raising a goat or cow for milk, make that decision. We'll talk about the different options available, the benefits, and the time/financial costs.

For a more detailed information about these and our other classes, go to

Classes are held in our home at 2664 E. Desert Lane in Gilbert. Register online or call to let us know you're coming!

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