• Come see us on the farm. We have roosters in with our hens, so most of our eggs are fertilized. How many do you need?

    Farmer Goose

    6201 S 99th Ave

    Tolleson, AZ 85353

    • just one.  would love to but you're a little too far for us :(

    • We make deliveries to Anthem every other week. Other locations, too.

    • any places in phoenix?


      This is our list of pick up locations. We are adding more as we continue to expand.
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    • thanks but someone just contacted me that has some they're giving away for free.  

  • I got mine from The Feed Store on Lone Cactus Rd just south of Deer Valley road on the north bound access road on I-17.

    Nice folks that candeled the eggs to be sure they were viable before I took them home.   I have roosters now and I would assume, from all the activity I see/hear in the chicken yard, that I probably have fertile eggs too.  I can't candle the eggs though.  (602-579-6696)

    • oh wonderful thank you!

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