Chicken Mud Baths

I have observed our chickens going nuts over a small patch of wet ground. They all roll in it and sit in it. I have seen them do the same thing with dust, but they seem to prefer a little mud now and then. A quick internet search tells me this is to take care of tiny parasites. Should I throw in a cup or two of water every day or several times a week? 

Our chickens live in an 8'x28' coop.

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  • Mine do the same thing.  I have heard the expression "Madder than a wet hen" before, but my birds don't seem to mind getting wet.  Some of them even slept outside of the coop the last two nights despite the rain.  As far as mud baths go, I have seen them do that when they want to get cooler, like how a dog will dig a hole in some moist soil and lay in it.  I am not sure what a mud bath would do for parasites, but the dust bath is a natural deterrent to those annoying beasties. -Z 

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