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I live in Chandler, new the VPA and I am very passionate about eating local foods. I am a certified health coach and have learned through years of studying that the best way to get the most nutritious, least toxic and best tasting foods are from our own backyards and local farms.

I created a  called Friending Farmers that allows people to buy, sell, trade local food. I want to test it out with eggs. If it goes well then it will be opened up to other products. Growers can use their existing clients and allow us to market to new clients through various networking groups. I am excited to share it with local buyers as soon as a couple egg farmers are using it first.

It can be saved on your home screen of your mobile phone and function as an app if that makes things easier.

Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. 

If you are interested in using it, go ahead and sign up.

Feel free to pass this message to anyone you may know in the Phoenix area that would be interested in using the site.

Thank you for your time,

Kerry Audisho

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  • Hi Kerry:

    This is a little unclear.

    "I created a  called Friending Farmers that allows people to buy, sell, trade local food."

    Just clarify a little.  :-)

    • Thank you for your reply. That should say, "I created a mobile website called Friending Farmers that allows people to buy, sell, share and trade local food".

      It is a little difficult to buy from backyard growers and small farms, especially if we have missed the farmers market. So. I created an online marketplace in efforts to connect growers with local eaters.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know if there are any other questions or comments.

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