Hi, I am currently fostering 19 chickens. They were hatched at my son's school and we have been raising them ever since. Unfortunately we are not able to keep any, so we are interested in finding them forever homes. We have it seems, 4 or 5 different breeds. If interested, please feel free to email me, I will be uploading pictures later tonight to my computer. My email is kbrasile@gmail.com, I can send photos through my email right now. Thanks!

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  • All of them have been places, even the roosters. Thank you to everyone for your interest and help. I greatly appreciate it!

  • Just wanted to update this, I have found homes for all the hens, if you are interested in a rooster, please email me. The picture below has all the babies except one, there are two black ones, but one of them was sitting on my foot when I took the picture. The picture below shows both the boys and girls. Thank you so much to everyone for your interest!

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  • I will take a couple.  What breeds are they?  I will email you directly from my gmail account.

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