Cooking with Meyers Lemons?

Does anyone make savory dishes with their Meyers Lemons?  I used one for cooking once and the lemon juice made the meal too sweet.

I am trying to choose a new lemon tree.  I am thinking about what kind to get and I was just wondering if this is common with Meyers Lemons.

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  • rejoice  if your meyer lemon is sweet! 

    problem could be solved by picking  immature meyer lemons for cooking, as they'd be more sour than sweet(but still totally edible).

    this way you'd have the option of sour AND sweet growing in one lemon tree, compared to growing other lemons which provide nothing more than sour :)

    or just plant or graft a eureka lemon, which is an abundant producer

    • Rafael is correct. Any lemon or lime can be picked at any stage (even green) if it is big enough to get juice or fruit out of it.  All of them just get sweeter and juicier the longer they stay on the tree :-)

  • My meyer lemon tree exploded this year with lemons.

    The one recipe I really liked was Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons which will stay in the fridge for months. I have been using them with any recipe that call for lemons, like Caesar salad dressings.

    Cut lemons into quarters, toss with salt (about 2 Tablespoons for each lemon). Pack the salted lemons in a mason jar and let it sit covered for about an hour to draw the juices. Afterwards press the lemons to release more juice, let it fill half way. Fill to the top with more lemon juice. Seal the jar and let sit in room temperature for 7 days giving a good shake every day. After 4 days the lemon rind should begin to take on a glossy translucency. After one week transfer to fridge. Let cure for another week before using.

    • Nice recipe, Doris.  I have made them, but yours is an easier way.

  • Grace Marie, I personally do not find them too sweet for savory foods - I make a salad dressing with their juice.  I have made a lemon curd with them and it was awesome.

  • I have not made too many savory dish with meyer lemons. Only used a couple of slices to bake or grill salmon with. Lay the slices below the fish to prevent sticking and add the nice citrus flavor.

    My husband and I actually will eat meyer lemon as a palate cleansers during our meals, cut the meyer lemon up into small wedges and eat them straight off the rind! :-)

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