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Aquaponic Victory Garden

Hi all, you may already be aware of the work Dr Brooks is doing with Aquaponics around the Valley, and especially his 3 hour farm technique.  I love this series of videos he's putting together tracking the production of one of his aquaponics backyard

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Aquaponic Designs Thread

As this was posted elsewhere, I thought it might be nice for others who have designed their own Aquaponics system as I have a thread to post their own designs. This way it could give others a place to view what has been done and maybe give them a sta

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Aquaponics basics

Just thought I'd add this so people new to aquaponics could quickly and easily understand what it is all about.

The simple description of a basic aquaponics set-up is a system that contains a fish tank and soil-less grow beds. The fish tank can be use

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