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Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to jeanette's discussion chickens and fertilizer in Micro Livestock
"We use fish emulsion, liquid seaweed, rabbit manure, goat manure, and composted poultry manure here on our little farm.  For the past 2 years, we have raised our rabbits underneath a few of our citrus trees, letting their excrement drop right on the…"
Oct 10, 2014
Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to Doris Stipek's discussion EE pullet or cockerel? (20weeks old) in Micro Livestock
"Yes, I agree.  Pullets."
Aug 6, 2014
Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to Carol Duffell's discussion Are these eggs safe to eat? in Micro Livestock
"We never have a problem with quality or freshness and we always collect our eggs in the evening.  Our duck eggs, however, are sometimes laid out in the open.  We have to be much more careful with them as the heat of the sun will cook the eggs that…"
Aug 1, 2014
Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to K. Neil's discussion Mysterious chicken illness in Micro Livestock
"I have a few chickens a year that go through that.  I think it is sour crop.  If I remember correctly, only one of our chickens has NOT survived.  However, the heat combined with sour crop can be too much to recover from.  We always bring them in…"
Jul 23, 2014
Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to Steve Enteman's discussion Does anyone have turkey poults? in Micro Livestock
"We are raising White Holland turkeys and could sell you one or a couple.  They are a heritage breed so grow slowly.  Right now they are 3 months old and will be ready for the table in November.  Email or message us if you are interested.  You can…"
Jul 4, 2014
Sarah, Arizona Hobby Farm replied to erniee85017's discussion Swamp cooler for chickens? in Micro Livestock
"We coil mister tubing in circle and attach it on an oscillating fan.  Works well for us.  We also use shallow pools of water with frozen gallons of water in them for the chickens to soak their toes in and drink from.  They love both of these…"
Jun 2, 2014