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  • I should have added that every one on the forums are great partners in providing help and an opportunity to share - I generally learn something new on a regular basis :-)

  • Thank you Cricket for such a sweet compliment.  I hope to be on the forum until I can't type any more :-) - It is very helpful to have the VPA there, and I do understand time and geography constraints.

  • Hi Cricket,

    Sorry for taking this long to thank you for those wonderful figs, they were shared with several friends. Some of them were still good almost 2 weeks later in the frig. I just started picking my first figs from a Long Yellow variety and they are delicious and huge. I am going try to get another one from a friend and will be doing some clones from mine this winter. This is a great fig if you are interested.

    It was nice to see you planted a passionfruit, just be warned it gets pretty big and will take over. One thing I noticed is the fruit that develop are usually a little shaded in the canopy, the exposed flowers struggle to even start to develop fruit. A couple of posts 2-3 ft away from the wall and some chicken wire or whatever will quickly be swallowed up with growth. Make sure you can squeeze in to hand pollinate flowers. There is a story about the various parts of the passionfruit flower that has an interesting biblical theme, can't think of it right now.

    One other thing related to health that I forgot to share with you is that we are in another iodine deficiency epidemic. I had some good results with iodine drops I bought at Whole Foods, my goiter seems to be gone and my energy level is much better. Some of what I read says it has huge implications for womens breast health. My neighbor just went through the whole ordeal, I wont even share the details.

    Thanks again hope the banana is doing well


  • Hey Cricket I'm about to announce the Fall PDC and wanted to see if you were still interested in assisting the marketing of the course for the finder fee [as a discount] whats your email?

  • Hi Cricket,

    It's Kim from February's seed library day. I was just browsing the website and saw your garden photos. So nice! I wanted to write to officially leave the idea with you about adding an event to the desert edibles group: olive milling.  The Queen Creek olive mill will take community olives to mill but they require more than one family can normally pick. If we can arrange it similar to the mesquite milling where community members bring in olives from their neighborhoods I think it would be easy to get enough to mill.  Maybe the mill will partner well with the VPA and like the idea.



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I'm always blessed by the things you share on this forum. We would definitely miss out on so much if you weren't here. It such a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the market. Thanks for the message. I think the VPA will certainly try to…"
Dec 6, 2014