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  • That's so awesome.....that project is definitely added to our list.
  • What are those blue bins? Rain barrels?
  • I would like to see such a market myself. I love fresh produce, and enjoy the fruits of my own garden annually. I have never had the room to grow such a bontiful harvest though! Thanks for the response. J
  • Is that all your own grown produce? The photo looks great, especially to us vegans!
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Ann P. left a comment for Michael and Lylah Ledner
"Blue barrels now; rain barrels if it ever rains. We built other barrels for a gutter on opposite side of house and 15 minutes of rain last fall filled all three. That was surprise. I've been using this water for my inside and outside potted plants.…"
Mar 28, 2009
Ann P. left a comment for Jack L. McCardle
"I wish it was my garden harvest. I took the picture last year on a trip to Peru. I have never seen such a variety of produce, especially corn and potatoes. The food there was awesome. We want to go back and spend a month in Cuzco just for the food."
Aug 30, 2008