Community garden at SCC

Hello.Anne Goldfeld and I are starting a community garden at Scottsdale Community College. We decided that we are going to grow native plant life here. Can anyone suggest anything that would be easy to grow and yield a nice harvest?

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  • ground cherries,
    strawberry hedgehog,
    prickly pears, ( I have some cows tongue opunita you can come and get some cuttings. cows toungue is the tastiest, and has almost no pricks on the pears) the plant is in Gisela.
    when you come to show low, there is a wonderful bush, in the front yard, Help me id it, the berries are super tart, and almost gin tasting at first, then super tart. yummy!
    ink mushrooms,
    az wild grapes,
    cat tails,
    lambs quarters,
    to O' dohdom Onions ( I know i have the spelling wrong there)
    oh what was that bean it was yellow that Matt grew in our garden in gisela>>......
    I will ask him.....
    and of course quail, dove, squrril and bunny. hey they eat my garden, so i now eat them.

    get the native seed catelog, there are many different varieties from AZ to choose from.
    Good luck!
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