Swamp cooler for chickens?

Yes, I saw the little one to make from a 5 gal bucket, but it's too small.

Does anyone use a swamp cooler for their chickens?  I hate watching them in their misery in the summer.  They have a fan, mister, open sides to their pen, shade, lots of water.

If you have one for your ladies, could you tell about your setup?  I think I will need a cooler that attaches to the hose because when I work I am gone for 24 hours at a time.

Does the dust they create cause a problem with the cooler?


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  • Thanks!  That's just what I needed to know!

    I'll get another mister and big fan.  Cheaper too!

  • I have tried a swamp cooler. It worked fantastic while it worked. The chickens kicked up so much dust that it cloged the pump in a very short time. I also had my leader hose bust and flood the entire yard. In conclusion I don't think it's a good idea and it was an expensive lesson.
  • I have a 5 nozzle mister (misting system) pointed in their run and they "chill out" when they need to. I move it around to avoid a muddy (stinky) puddle.

    They do not need a large misting system, just a nozzle or two really.


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