I had Senator David Farnsworth in my home twice now. Once to see my backyard farm and another time to meet with 14 of some of my most influential friends.He is teaching us how to make the changes necessary to regain our right to produce food in our backyard. This includes chickens, rabbits, miniature livestock. Now matter what city in Arizona. 

We were given the challenge to bring as many of our friends to a meeting Saturday October 19th at 7:00. It will be at the Shoppers in Chandler on Queen Creek Rd and Alma School Rd. The senator will be there to lead us through how to take our frustration and turn it into focus. The focus will be to move on each City as a group from all over the state. He will lead the State level and alert us of each step of who and when to call/email. 

No matter what city you live in, please come and bring all your friends.    

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  • We'll be at the Prepper Expo in Mesa all day, and again Sunday. But we're still planning to attend this meeting. It's foundational to our property rights and to our future to grow our own food in a sustainable, ecological, and healthful manner. I hope to see many friends there!

    • Way to go Sheri!


  • We will try to be there and I will pass the word on as well.

    • Thank you Jenna, it will be nice to meet you.

  • I am assuming that is 7 pm - correct???

    • Correct, I just sent the poster to Sheri, I will try to figure out how to put it on here too. 

  • I'll pass the word, Donna; including to the three City Council Members who strongly supported changing the ordinances governing backyard chicken raising in Chandler. As I mentioned, the 19th is my b-day, and I have other plans! I look forward to speaking with the Senator, and meeting you in person, sometime soon. :)

    • Our meeting has been a long time in coming. Though I see you as a very influential person, I also see you as a  very  you electronic friend. I am looking forward to the day that it will be not just electronic:) 


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