• Hello all

    The Stock Shop in Glendale bought the chicken, I'm sure they will find a good home for her. Thank you for your interest.

  • We have five acres, so loud birds don't bother people here. I would consider taking her, but we couldn't get her until the 18th. (Unless you are willing to drop her off tomorrow.) I would come get her, but tomorrow is too packed for that. I'm near 99th Ave and Southern Ave.

    • Christie

      I can meet you halfway

    • I'm sorry. I the more I think it over, I realize I don't have the time this week to observe flock integration and ensure she is getting along with the others. Just bad timing. If you haven't found a home for her by the 18th, I will come get her. 

    • I will let you know. thanks

  • I have an egyptian fayomi hen that crows too. Weird.

  • How noisy?  I have a welsummer who is noisy, too.  She squawks a lot after she has laid an egg.  Is she loud ALL of the time??  If it is only sometimes, I will take her.

    • Kelly

      Of all the chickens, she is the loudest, specially when she see us, she comes to us squawking. When no one is on site they are all quiet. We've heard crowing and I am sure it is from her. When we are not around they are quiet except when they lay their eggs. She is more than most average chickens.

    • When you say, "crow" do you mean cock-a-doodle-doo, or just repeated loud squawking?

    • Cock-a-doodle doo perhaps a couple times a week.

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