baby chicks?


Bryan and I going to add some new baby chicks to our flock this spring- we like to order them from, because you can get them vaccinated for marek's disease- something our avian vet advised. But we need to have a minimum order of 15 in order to receive them any earlier than april6- it has to do with the cold temperatures at their end. We only want five- since we already have 5 girls living with us- is anyone interested in ordering some for delivery in the beginning of march? Preferably you'll want to take all ten, but at a few- so that we're not trying to coordinate with too many people! Please respond ASAP - they sell out quickly! Best way to contact me is through my email-



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  • I would consider ordering chicks with you. If you vaccinate them you use unmediated feed. Call me at 623-734-5097.
    • hi walt thank you for the follow-up ... however we have since found someone to share the hoard with ;) ...thanks again.

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