Any Extra Wire

Looking for approx. 100 feet of chicken wire or the like out in the west valley. Craig's list doesn't have many options right now.

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  • Sorry had a buddy set to come by yesterday but he forgot he will be by today if it is still there. Thank you sorry again.
    • No problem Chad.  It's just laying in the front yard, in front of the tomato patch.  Grab and go.

  • Mary,
    Sorry for the late reply. If you could leave it out for me maybe tomorrow (Monday) I can swing by after I get off of work; probably around 5 pm. Thank you so much!

  • Hi Chad,  I have a partial roll of chicken wire you can have, not sure if it's 100' but there's at least one quarter of that.  I don't like the stuff and switched to using hardware cloth when I need fencing, etc.  I'm near 43rd Ave and Peoria and can leave it curbside for you.  LMK.

    • Thanks again Mary!
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