eucalyptus trees


Hi everyone - I just joined the South West Valley Group and have serious questions.

I read online that eucalyptus is poison to trees or other plants around it. 

What I need to ask is:  Does anyone know how far away another tree should be to prevent it from

                                  the eucalyptus poison.

                                  Is it the oil in the leaves that is bad? Not the roots?

                                  If we chip/shred the fallen leaves and twigs from the eucalyptus for mulch,

                                  will it hurt the plants or trees for which we will use the mulch?

Thank you for any knowledge you may have on this subject.


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  • I would love to know the answers to those questions also.  I have three eucalyptus trees that shed their leaves into my chicken run in which I also dump other things to compost and let the chickens do the turning.  Planning on using that compost as mulch on vegie garden.  I have two baby apple trees (last year's benchgrafts) planted between two mature eucalyptus trees and they are doing well.  I also plan on planting blackberry vines between the trees.  My goats love the leaves and it seems to have no bad affect on them.

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