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  • Perfect! Thanks.
  • Hi Greg, I'm looking to buy some fruit trees this year . I seem to recall you had every one come by on a Saturday to pick them up. I work a schedule that will not allow weekend pickup so I was wondering if we can look at a work around for that? Thanks!
  • great job at the food inc showing tonight! i loved it =)
  • Sir, I have followed the instructions and planted my trees from the tree day. The apple tree already has blossoms and leaves and the fig had fruit. The peach has buds and the grape is still trying. Whoo hoo!
  • Greg-

    Are you planning another big event on sustainability this spring? If yes, will Brad Lancaster be speaking?

  • Greg

    I recently attended your aquaculture class and asked about converting a chlorine pool to a natural swimming pond. I am in the middle of the project and feel like the contractor is trying to pull a fast one on me. Besides putting bio balls in the filter and adding bacteria to the new water, what has to happen with my existing pool pump? This guy just replace my Hayward pump with a similar, but inferior brand. Won't this cost too much to operate. I was under the impression that a low- pressure, high-volume energy efficient pump would be best.

    I need to hash this out on Wednesday and would appreciate any confidential advice you can send my way.

    Joe b
  • Hi Greg!

    I really want to help at the Urban Farm, but the email I sent you on Monday came back to me saying that delivery had been delayed. I am not sure what that means, but I am hoping to get in touch with you asap so that I can help out.

    I even replied to the email address that sends the weekly updates as well (phoenixhomesteader). Needless to say, I am pretty excited about working at the Urban Farm.

    You can email me, in case my emails never reach you. Thanks!
  • Hey Greg,
    Did I miss the Mesquite pod grinding?
  • Hi Greg,

    Great to see you this morning! Look forward to talking more in the coming months.
  • HI Greg! Hope all is well! Got a job at Creo Architects!
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Greg Peterson left a comment for Christopher M. Boren
"Chris - love to show off the Urban Farm. Check out for tour times and also like my FB Page at  See you there soon."
Jul 15, 2011
Greg Peterson left a comment for Bridgette
"Hey when I accepted you it said "Bridgette is now my friend" I thought you were always my friend? Hey you have a good weekend?

Sep 29, 2010
Greg Peterson left a comment for Andrew Millison

Great to see you here. I am always pleased to see those from afar jumping into the PhxPC community. THanks for all that you do.

Jan 6, 2010
Greg Peterson left a comment for Marta
"I just sent you the docs. Call me at 602-279-3713 tomorrow and lets figure it out."
Oct 7, 2009
Greg Peterson left a comment for Martha Jenkins
"Martha, Awesome. You rock. THanks

Sep 29, 2009
Greg Peterson left a comment for Marta
"We can figure it out. This is covered in the classes and the paperwork we send when you purchase your trees.

Sep 15, 2009
Greg Peterson left a comment for alia
"Woohoo - Thanks - it was great fun."
Jul 27, 2009