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  • Hi Brian!

    Looks like you've already found your way into the forum: excellent!  Hopefully you'll find the help you're looking for and discover a permaculture solution to your watery woes.  Keep us posted on your progress and feel free to reach out to the forum with any future projects or questions you might come up with.  Be sure to share your knowledge and keep the conversation going; we're all students and we're all teachers, with something to learn and something to share.

    That being said...

    Thank you for joining the Valley Permaculture Alliance (VPA) forum! VPA is a Phoenix-based non-profit that offers classes, training, activities, tours, events and demonstrations to inspire sustainable urban living in the desert Southwest. Learn more about VPA on the ‘About Us’ page, and explore what this site has to offer. We hope that you will participate fully in the many groups, forums, and other resources on this site. Please take advantage of the wealth of knowledge readily shared by our members!

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    We look forward to getting to know you!

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    Zack Williams

    Volunteer Membership Guru

  • hi brian:
    i would be happy to take a look and see if we can steer you in the right direction :)

    thank you,


    the green house farm
    the green house farm is a company that will help you grow your garden green.
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