Grafted black Sapote

Anyone have experience with these? Seen a bit of information on white in the area but I like chocolate better than vanilla.I've heard these grow so so through seed in our fair city so am curious about grafted versions and if they are worth while.

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  • I can't answer that specifically, but the people that I know that are growing sapote are growing them in irrigated lots that are densely planted (probably the insulation and shade provided by all of the other plants helps). Have you eaten sapote before?

    • I have eaten the fruit - kind of custardy. Very unusual.


      I've gotten conflicting information on the tree as some say irrigation, and other say drip, and other say full sun, and other filtered. I'm a little gun shy about experimentation as these potentially are a little pricey so, "oops, that spot didn't work lets try over there instead" isn't an option.


      I also only see information on White and at that mostly suebelle.

    • Hi Brian,

      Sorry for the late reply but you could try Tropica Mango in Apache Junction. I was there a few weeks ago and he has a Chocolate Sapote which is called Cheekoo in India. Beautiful flavor. Just so you know. I do not know if it is grafted but he will advise you on it. I remember a chocolate sapote in my hometown in India and it was always in full sun, atleast 20 feet wide and low hanging branches. Beautiful tree. Evergreen. I come from an area which has similar weather like Phoenix except we got a 3 month long monsoon with it raining all the time during those 3 months from June through August.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I've since learned that a chocolate Sapote is really a version of a persimmon and a true tropical. Where I want it won't work as I'm not willing to protect it in frost, would get too much sun and it need amended soil. There is one at the extension office which has all these things. More trouble than I'm willing to take.

      A white sopote that's grafted do well but need protection in early years from sun - give good fruit but isn't a big tree or fast growing. A white sapote from seed grow quickly in normal soil with full sun, but the fruit may be awful as it isnt true to mother plant. I ended up with a seedling from seedmas we wanted the shade more than anything else. I'll see about fruit in a few years. I may end up with a messy shade tree that produces crummy fruit.
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