Lesley Fitzpatrick posted a status
Mar 25
I have a Bursera hindsiana that I got years ago at DBG and it is in a big tub on my eastern exposure patio. I would like to plant it in the ground as it does not seem happy. When I do that, should I cut it back significantly? The stems are all long and only have leaves on the ends.

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  • Well, I can't post the pictures here, but it clearly is sun deprived.
  • As I think more about what you described, if your plant is under a roof but facing east, it might be that it's just not getting enough sunlight.  A photo of the plant as a close up and another farther away showing context would help with determining this.  LeeAnn's reference indicated this is a full sun plant and mine certainly want the sunshine!

  • You might find some information in this link from the University of Arizona:


    Or, perhaps check in with DBG for help?
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  • What a great question!  I have a couple of Burseras, one is the native elephant tree and the other is the hindsiana (if memory serves - it was a gift).  They are both in pots. The native one keeps it's leaves over the winter, but my hindsiana it is pretty deciduous over the winter.  Right now mine is just starting to think about leafing back out.  I've had it for two years and each winter it drops all the leaves and it's totally normal - just a few are left on it... I wouldn't cut it back unless the stems actually are dead.  You can check if the stems are dead by gently bending them a bit - if they are brittle and snappy, they are dead. if they are bendy and flexible, just dormant.  Can you post a picture?

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