Anyone sew?

I have this idea... not sure it will amount to anything - tends to work out this way with my BIG ideas.  I would like to start a sewing group that remakes old clothes (from good will, tag sales or donations) into new fashions.  The clothes can be sold at an annual fashion show that can raise money for...PPG, the sewers, organizations we are involved in or something else we feel is a good cause.

I am a basic sewer, not super skilled.  Just thought it might be fun and rewarding???


We can meet weekly or biweekly - not sure where yet?


We can offer sewing insturction to people that want to help?


Any thoughts...ideas...interest? Please let me know.


Take care


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  • This sounds like a cool idea! What timing. I have just inherited my grandmother's sewing machine and was about to begin work on repurposing fabrics and foam pads into ped beds! Not sure if it would take off or not but I would at least be prepared with gifts in the winter! =) Let me know if this sewing circle progresses. I would love to attend. Just name a time and place. Preferrably in the evenings or weekend...
    • Excellent! I will be out of town for most of July. So if you are still interested maybe we can try to start a sewing circle in Aug/Sept. I wonder if we could use space in the Library- Perry maybe? I'll try to collect used goods til then.
    • Jehnifer,
      Just checking in... still have interest in sewing? I am trying to find a meeting spot. I'll keep you posted if you are still interested in sewing, I am also trying to find more people.
  • Thanks for the link, hadn't seen the article. Very inspiring. Blogging about it would be fun (well maybe not for me as I do not know anything about blogging) but it could bring in interest and buyers? Do you sew?
    P.S. - my husband is in the process of creating an arbor/trellis to grow grapes. It's looking awesome, can't wait for the fruit.
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