Do you want some cool seeds?  Is there a hole in your personal seed bank?  Do you have some seeds to share?  Let's talk about the successes and surprises we've had with our seeds? Do you have some great ideas for seed swaps, exchanges or local news on seeds?  This group is for you--newbies and experienced seed savers.  Hear about new seeds acquired in the Seed Library. Share announcements of community seed events. Come join in the fun! 

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  • It was Kathy’s labor of love to make that seed library at Glendale happen - without a dedicated person to help manage the seed donation requests and keeping things stocked, the library does the best it can.
    • Well, I am very thankful for what she did. It was an amazing service while it lasted. I miss it so much!
  • Yes there is often a big disconnect between the person handing out the seeds and knowledge on anything garden related. My local library here in Phoenix would love to have a gardener come and help with the seed library but I don’t have the time to volunteer in that capacity. I also miss the VPA and that’s why I fought so hard to keep this forum existing as a record of what’s been done. I would LOVE to bring back some of the programming that has slipped away - like the tour de coups and more volunteering opportunities. Right now I’m spending time with the Herb Association and the Master Gardeners. It might be that we could educate the libraries to be better stewards and maybe get some gardeners volunteering in the libraries more!
    • Excellent idea! Hopefully, we can revive this forum!
  • I haven't been impressed with the seed library. They probably could use donations -- they tend to give out so few seeds, and when they don't all germinate it is very frustrating. They don't seem to understand that while, say, 3-5 tomato or squash seeds may be adequate to get *one* viable plant (more if you're lucky), it is quite likely that with 3 lettuce seeds that nothing will even sprout...or one will sprout and then get damped off. It would be interesting to get some feedback from the people who actually have gotten seeds from the library's seedbank regarding how successful the program actually is as currently constituted. Also, with librarians disbursing seeds, the person doing the disbursing usually knows nothing about when to plant, how to germinate, etc., so the community aspect of someone with experience coaching a novice is completely lost. (I miss the VPA.)

    The last time I got seeds from them, one of the things I asked for was lettuce. I received 3 seeds. None sprouted. Now, I have considerable experience sprouting seeds and growing plants, and I don't let such setbacks stop me from trying again and again. However, for novices, this doesn't work well. (My experience with the seed library was with the VPA and then with the Phoenix Public Library -- perhaps other area libraries are doing a better job of this.)

    I've just been collecting red lettuce seeds and will soon be collecting radish seeds. I'll likely have enough to swap. I have a lot of arugula seeds from last year.
    • Nice! I have some heirloom lettuce seeds I can share with you as well. My lettuce is mainly a green leafy variety. I would love some red lettuce and radish seeds. I would not mind trying some arugula too. I also have cilantro too. I have watermelon, peas, and hollyhock seeds as well.
    • I’ve got a big crop of red lettuce seed to harvest :) I also have Molokai seeds ( and a bunch of random stuff! It’s hard to know what might interest you. I also have a Cuban oregano plant if anyone wants cuttings?
      Corchorus olitorius
      Jute mallow or nalta jute (Corchorus olitorius, also known as "Jew's mallow", "tossa jute", "bush okra", "krinkrin", "etinyung", "Mulukhiyah", and "W…
  • The seed library was integrated into the actual library - they thought it was a good idea and now many libraries across the valley are hosting their own seed libraries so the need for the VPA to do it kind of fizzled.
    Call them up and see how well stocked it is. I’m sure they would love some donations :)
    Seed Library
    • Thank you for the update.
  • I am in Glendale. I don’t have any specific seeds in mind. I like to save seeds and would love to share or swap. VPA had a seed library at a Glendale library once a month, but that ended many years ago. I don’t really know what resources are available in my area. Thank you for adding me and reaching out.
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Seed Team Meeting! Tomorrow over lunch!

Howdy, fellow Seed Enthusiasts!In case you haven't seen it on the events calendar, tomorrow is the next VPA Seed Team Meeting! We'll be meeting at the VPA office (bring your own lunch) and talking about seed saving curriculum, planning our presence for this Saturday at the Seed Saving Lecture, and launching a new program of volunteer Seed Savers! It will be educational, productive, and a hoot and a half. More information and sign up…

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Seed Library Hours

The Seed Library is housed at 5151 N. 19th Avenue,second floor, Phoenix, AZ 85015  Hours 9-5 Monday-FridayCall to see if the bank and we are open. 602-535-4635Come see new additions to our collection!  All seeds are FREE!   Bring some of your own seeds to help replenish the collection.  If you have purchased seed packets that still have seeds; we'll accept those too. We also acept monetary tax deductible donations.  ALL of your donations benefit the seed library by making it self sustainable.…

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Seeking local growers to participate in new Tempe Farmers Market

New Farmers Market opening in Tempe seeks backyard growers, master gardeners and small-scale producers!  The Market is a program of the Tempe Community Action Agency, and will operate Saturday mornings starting January 11, 2014. If you have plants you have grown yourself, seeds, starts, compost, and other related regenerative agriculture projects / products you have produced we’d love to have your participation. We really want this venture to be a true farmers market, featuring local…

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Seed Library at Glendale Library

Hi All You Seed Folk!The VPA Seed Library will be at the Grow Your Own Day at the Glendale Library, Saturday, October 26th from 11am-2pm.  Come check us out and take some seeds home to grow.  When your plants reach maturity--think about bringing some seeds back to us at the Seed Library.PS.  The Seed Library will be available at the VPA Offices for November and December.  We will not be appearing at the Glendale Library until January 2014.  Visit for more information on the VPA…

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