Raspberries in Phoenix area

In past years I've tried Raspberries from local nursery's, grew OK the first year but died the second. Dorman raspberry is supposed to grow in zone 11 but from what I read it has very little taste. Has anyone grown Bababerrry Raspberries? I understand they are very flavorful.?

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    • Hi Alisa.  I believe I got them from Home Depot.  The plants produced more thorns than fruit.  When I say thorns I mean completely covered stalks and underground roots - it was the most amazing thing. Some how the plant morphed into a seriously wilding.

      With that said what fruit we were able to harvest was good.  It simply was not worth the challenge of the thorns.  I would look for a good breeder - maybe get some recommendations for varieties.  As far as water similar to tomatoes and they were in full sun.

    • Awesome, thank you!  :)  Glad to hear the fruit was good...with good fruit, there is much potential.

    • Thanks Catherine for your recommendations.

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