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SB1151 Chickens in Arizona

I am sure that you are all aware by now of the Senate Bill 1151. We went to the capitol this last monday and spoke to the Senate Committee requesting them to pass this bill. They did pass it 7-0. This means that it will now go to the Caucus (the whol

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Chickens for Chandler

Ok gang! You asked for an update, so here it is.

I ( and a handful of influential friends) spoke face to face with The City Planner; David de la Torre and the Planning Administrator Jeff Kurtz yesterday.

They were very kind in rehashing the events of M

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Looking for a coop carpenter

If anybody knows of a good chicken coop carpenter, please let me know. 

We live in Central Phoenix and already have a chicken coop that hubs built.  We have a 20 foot space that has already been framed out for a run, and possibly a new coop. 

Any refer

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Need to rehome several hens

I have too many hens and not enough of me to go around. I have made too many volunteer commitments  and have a family that is over scheduled as well. I would like to see these girls go to good homes with a buddy where they will not be eaten. I will g

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Red chicken tush

My barred rock's behind is a bit red and I am seeing some of the chicken skin.  Is this molting?  I have yet to see any of my girls molt, so not entirely sure what I'm looking at.  Is there a salve for the problem?

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Chicken Culling Class

On Saturday, November 2, we (SupUrban Farm in Gilbert) will be running our Chicken Culling Class from 9-noon. We'll walk through the process of determining whether a hen is laying or not, discuss the options for culling a bird from a flock, and facto

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Looking for POL hens

We'd like to add 3 or 4 girls to our flock. Anyone have any ladies that need new homes or know where I can find some?I'll also be looking into where my non-layers can go live out their days as soon as I figure out who isn't laying! Any ideas there? I

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Need to Re-Home a Hen

Trying this again as the last time was a study of Murphy's Law...

I have a hen that's getting picked on by my other girls and I'd like to find a new home for her. She's a beautiful girl that only recently started laying and was hatched in February. 


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