• City Council is voting on this TONIGHT! We narrowly made it though the Planning and Zoning Commission, and I hear on all fronts that people PRESENT and SUPPORTING this could sway the vote! Come on down to Chandler City Hall tonight for a 7 o'clock meeting. You can sign a card simply stating you are in favor, or on the same card check that you'd like to speak.

    Please spread the word to friends and family that live in Chandler. We need as much support as we can get! Hope to see you there....

    Top right of this page shows the location of Council Chambers.

  • I was so disappointed when I read this article in the paper (yes, I still get the old fashioned paper!), mostly because the council has said it is basically a formality and they have no intentions of actually making a decision during the next meeting.

    We used to live in Chandler, and they were chasing us down for rental taxes on a house for three years (even though the tax was the previous homeowner's responsibility not ours!). I owned a business in Chandler, and they raised our fees to do business. Reading this made me think the city is really only interested in the fees, not the chickens and if they are bothering neighbors.

    • It is an antiquated law that is (maybe, hopefully) at least changing at a glacial pace. They Council at a point had no intention of changing the law, but that seems to have changed from what I have seen/heard.

      I will say that the Papays, featured in the article, were actually waived their fine if they get rid of their chickens (still WAY less than ideal, but less about the $ that way). I imagine that varies from police officer, code enforcer, and judge from case to case.

      The article was revamped by the L.A. Times and San Francisco Chronicle to this incarnation. Way more info on the city's view!

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