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Butchering birds

We're planning to butcher some ducks and turkeys in the near future.

Would anyone who's thinking about raising birds for food like to join us to learn about it before doing it themselves?  This is the hardest part of the process, and experiencing gent

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sick or hurt chicken

My family is new to backyard chickens.  We have 7, 4 are 14 weeks, 3 are 11 weeks.  One of our 14 weeks is a rhode island red, and was running around like normal all day today.  I went to put them in their enclosure when we were leaving to go out and

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Chickens and Scorpions

Hi all!

Have a one-year-old daughter and have found more scorpions in our home this year than all past six years combined! Agh! My husband has wanted to raise chickens (for eggs and because he loves them, lol) forever and now I am convinced because I

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Chickens Wanted

I am looking for some good laying hens.  I currently have 7 and want to double my flock.  I would be interested in all breeds as long as they are good layers.  They will be feed organic feed, organic fruits and veggies, corn, and will have plenty of

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chicks need homes

i have etxtra chicks! different breeds, all layers. i got a mixed group of rainbow layers from mcmurray hatchery, hatched on 9-16. so they are hens but i am not sure of the breeds.I have more than i need. if you a nervous about tiny chicks i can hold

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Crowing Hens Need Help!

Hello everyone,my problem is reaching a critical point now two of my hens are crowing like roosters (very loud roosters). I live in an area with some picky neighbors and most likely will get a complaint sooner rather than later.I have read the posts

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Chicken Plucker

Hi All just want to remind you that I have a chicken plucker available for those that may be starting or finishing their flock of meat chickens. We built ours about a year ago and so far have harvested ducks, turkeys and chickens with it. It really m

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When to buy baby chicks?

Hello fellow chicken/livestock lovers. I am so excited to find this group & love the permie website.I have to say that its the best social community I have ever found on the web...I feel like I found a great place to meet like minded people. I live i

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Just starting!

I am so excited! I want to get 2-3 chickens and would like some advice on which ones you all might recommend; I want fresh eggs in the morning :) I have signed up for Myron's next Raising Chickens in Your Backyard class but thought I'd get some ideas

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