chickens and fertilizer

I have had chickens for 4 years now (nope, not getting so many eggs anymore but that's the way it goes). I used to have such a lovely rose garden in the back yard and used commercial fertilizers. With the chickens I moved to compost tea and added compost on a regular basis. Alas, the girls really like to eat my roses. I think I got the billy-goat kind of chickens and they are masquerading as cochins. I no longer fertilize anything in the back yard and the apple & orange production is off as well.

Does anyone have a good source for fertilizer with chickens? Thanks.

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  • I know that roses need acidic ph and pine needles are great for that. Try using them for mulch around your rose bushes. They are great for blueberry bushes also.

  • We use fish emulsion, liquid seaweed, rabbit manure, goat manure, and composted poultry manure here on our little farm.  For the past 2 years, we have raised our rabbits underneath a few of our citrus trees, letting their excrement drop right on the ground. The citrus trees are gorgeous and have done very well with this type of fertilizer.  I also use rabbit manure for our apple trees.  Additionally, since you have chickens, you can compost their manure in a compost pile with kitchen scraps, garden clippings, and the like, and put your chicken poo to work for you. :)  Sarah

    • Awesome Sarah, I use primarily goat and rabbit manure, but the fish water is something new for me. I still compost it by putting it in the fallow beds and cover with straw a month prior to planting. I have been told that it can go directly in with the planting, but the urine makes it a little too acidic. I do not have any trees to feed (yet) but I could see how they would love the rabbit stuff right from the bunny. 

      I have chickens and that goes to the compost pile as you have suggested. All my animals are fed an organic diet so that is also a benefit.  I love this stuff!

  • I use fish emulsion for roses. Actually, this last year, I have been using the fish water from my aquaponics set up. 

    • I will give that a try. thanks

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